What equipment does a Audiobook Narrator use?

October 11, 2018



First things first, you have to have a quiet place to record. I know there is noise reduction capabilities in all recording software but really, its a much better product in the end if you record in a quiet space to start.  My home studio is a 8'x5' room (that I think was intended for storage?) that is treated with acoustic foam on most walls and the ceiling.  Once you have your room or space set up, you'll need some equipment to record with. 


My home studio is equipped with a floor microphone stand which holds my isolation shield and my Rode NT1A condenser microphone.  To process and amplify the signal from my microphone to my computer is my Focusrite Scarlett Solo.  The signals from my microphone are sent to my DAW or Digital Work Station, I use Adobe Audition.  Its a preference really, there are several other programs available out there, some of which are free to use and perform just about the same. With this software, I record, edit and master my audio files before I send them off to my clients. 


Audiobook narrating is a marathon, it takes time, physical effort (believe it or not) and lots of water!  I know you are wondering why I say it takes physical effort, so I'm going to answer your question before you ask it! They don't call us Voice Actors for nothing, as we are narrating, we BECOME the character we are performing. In order to perform many characters in a scene or in a whole book, we visualize the character and become them. We take into account the quirks and the characters background and act the part, which in most cases, we tend to take on the posture or flail or smirk or squish our faces up to alter the voice. It really is a lot of fun but can be taxing. I have said it before, I LOVE my job, there is nothing else I would rather do in life. What do you do? If you are a fellow Voice Actor, how do you narrate? Sitting down or standing up?













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